Grassroots Future

Grassroots Future looks at empowering grassroots movements and advocacy in the refugee and asylum seeker community.

We achieve this through the following model:
  • Education: Supporting the needs of young people and adults through vocational training, mentorship, workshops and general skills training to improve capacity and self sufficiency.
  • Community outreach: Community outreach and cultural events, which are curated by the refugee community, to engage different groups within society.
  • Well-being: Provide safe spaces for healing and mental well-being through the arts and recreational activities.
  • Investing in the future: Supporting the educational expenses of children through our event programming.


Through Table of Two Cities, a food and culture initiative, we have been organising food and culture events since 2016. Through participating in our events, you can support the refugee community while learning something new.

Other Activities

  • Crafts workshops
  • Cooking demonstrations / workshops
  • Food / culture sharings
  • Concerts / Shows
  • Exhibitions